Sunday, May 6, 2018

The First VR Game That Should Exist

If you're a VR developer. you're probably wondering, what game (or whatever) you should make first.

"Forget the super fancy stuff," you say to yourself, "what should I make now, that will get people who aren't interested in VR interested in VR."

Do you have idea? Yes? Well you're wrong, cause it's this:

A 2d platformer game, the kind that even the most casual of gamers can enjoy, like the mario brothers.

But with a twist.

It's a 2 player game, and the other player... is in vr.

So if you want to play as mario, you'll need VR equipment. That way, you get to do all kinds of tactile stuff, like:

- throw stuff,

- catch stuff,

- whip stuff,

- kick stuff

- stomp stuff

- and so on

But, in the mean time, if you don't have v r gear, you can be the other guy, "Green Mario", and get the basic 2d screen.

And as a result of these differences between these two set-ups, each of you can see and do things that the other one can't.

If you're Luigi, you can see above the clouds, so you can see items that are hidden from the ground.

If you're Mario, you can see all the way into the end of the level. So you can see things like this bullet that's otherwise way too fast for you to react to.

And so, if you two players talk to each other, you can use your shared knowledge to navigate the level, in ways that would be impossible alone.

Also, Luigi has the advantage of grabbing items that are only close together in 2D (he automatically moves to where he needs to be in 3D to do this).

But Mario can grab items that completely covered up in 2D.

But don't get too cocky, Mario, cause Luigi can stand on the edge of a pipe, even if it's too thin for Mario to balance on...

"luigi, brother! help-a me!"

"long-a live.. a-the king-a...!"


...but Mario can knock Luigi's hat off!

...nothin he can do about it!

I call this game:

"the greatest marketing gimmick of all time you're welcome"

but there's also another, more ...interesting... version of this concept...


What if, at the end, there can only be one winner? The other player... dies.

Either because only one can make it past the finish line at a time,

or, because it's only the one who has the most coins, at the end, that can finish at all.


you have the option of switching which one it is of those two game-modes, during the game. Or not switching, depending on whether it's to your advantage or not.

You can do this by finding and grabbing an in-game item (or maybe an in-game button, kinda like the "pow" button) to activate the switch.


And since you have different vantage points, you can do that... in secret.

I call this game, "Worse Than Mario Kart"

Thanks for reading.

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